Barbara Vinson

Barbara Vinson

The Author

Barbara Vinson has a Ph.D. in Guidance and Psychological Services with specialties in School Psychology and Working with Parents of Children with Disabilities. 

She earned her M.Div at McCormick Theological Seminary. Barbara is also an artist and loves doing portraits for friends and family. She worked as a chaplain for VITAS hospice and loved it.

A Life of Faith shares with readers Barbara’s experiences and journey in faith, spanning several generations of her family and how they weathered life’s storms. She shares about her parent’s first meeting to her pursuits in education to dealing with current health issues.

What stands out most in her story is the raising of her children, as Barbara raises up godly children while continuing to deal with unrelenting health trials, something friends from church says inspire their faith and encourages them to keep going. To coincide with the stories shared are also photos and drawings that capture facing the storms of life, with some of the photos and all of the drawings done by Barbara herself.

Barbara can attest that life is tough, as readers will while reading through A Life of Faith, but God hasn’t given us a spirit a fear and no matter the trials ahead, God hasn’t left your side. He hasn’t for Barbara and He won’t for you.